Saturday, June 27, 2015


Continuing  with my "skirted items for summer series" I decided I needed a basic denim-colored skirt to go with the many red, white and blue tops I have in my closet. Even "basic" items for me need to be somewhat different and preferably asymmetric so I chose this Marcy Tilton pattern..
It has 3 unusually shaped pieces and makes up very quickly. I added a little length and didn't make the contrasting waistband since I planned to wear one of my rectangular poncho-type overtops.
The skirt can be worn with any area as the front. I had fun turning it to different angles and found that each view was slightly different.

Even though the pattern says this skirt should be made from moderate stretch fabric I believe a soft woven would be fine and I am looking forward to making it again when I need a "basic skirt"

I have just a few more things to make in the red, white and blue color scheme and am meanwhile knitting on a summer linen shawl type scarf designed by Maggi Jackson that will actually have strips of  fabric woven through it.


  1. I really like this skirt pattern. I've made it twice and may pull it out once again soon. Your version and this whole outfit just fabulous!

  2. Thanks Linda. I have been missing your blog posts ...glad to hear you are still sewing!

  3. Peg, this is so pretty! Looks so comfy and perfect for the 4th of July.

  4. You look very nautical, Peg! I too have this skirt pattern but haven't made it yet. I hesitate because I don't wear skirts much and haven't finished sewing the last one I started...last year! However I really like this one. Simple but not.

    1. Thanks! Just saw on your blog the dress I am making next😜