Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pumpkins and Tablecloth skirts

I must start with profuse thanks to my friend Shams for sharing her pattern for the Tablecloth Skirt! Most of you already read her blog but if not, check it out here  The last entry shows all the great responses she's gotten but read down a bit and you will see her great tutorial and pics of the original garment.   "Knocking-off" quirky designer patterns is my favorite sewist thing to do, but she was way ahead of me in figuring out this one!

Anyway, I wanted a long skirt to wear this Thanksgiving weekend to go with my new boots and "Pumpkin Necklace"  and this looked like the perfect thing to try.  I had it put together in no time and on this one didn't even add the bottom flaps, so it is just one rectangular piece with an oval waist. I love the complicated and layered look it gives!
I have several more fabrics that I'd like to make up this way.  Shams, you may have gotten me back on a sewing kick!   
On the knitting front I have been having great fun with this book just out----the author has discovered a complete new way to knit a sweater!       "Knit, Swirl"    

          It is acutally a big circle with sleeves (and some fitting). 

You can even wear it upside down and have a bigger collar! This is made from Noro, a Japanese yarn that changes colors, so I didn't have to.
I'm anxious to try more Tablecloth skirts so hope to be back soon with more knitting and sewn items. Happy start of Holiday season everyone!