Friday, November 29, 2013

8 FOOT SCARF/ Trip Wardrobe

I have finally finished my knitted scarf by designer Stephen West and am quite pleased with the asymmetrical colorful look.
I made Vogue coat pattern 8930 to go under it. This pattern worked great and is cut so the collar can be worn two different ways. It does not have any fastenings and I found that it actually stays overlapped in the front quite well without.
I am going on a trip next week and decided to have this be the basis of my trip wardrobe. I added 2 pair of black stretch knit black pants from Vogue pattern 8859. One is out of a heavy ski-pant type stretch knit, and the other is much lighter and softer to wear inside or even under the other pair for extra warmth (it will be cold where I am going!) 
I made several tunics with cowls or turtlenecks in the different scarf colors, using Vogue 8952
The scarf can be worn several different ways, some wound so it doesn't look so big and can be worn over the tunics too.
I am still hoping to finish my self-challenge to finish 31 knitted or crochet items that fit in an outfit by next May. I added 5 to my previous count bringing it to 19---only 12 more to go in the New Year!

So here we have, in addition to the scarf, a crocheted hat, knitted fingerless mittens, and 2 pair of hand knit socks. The red and green socks are knitted using just one yarn---it is made to change colors so the knitter doesn't have to!
The snowman purse was reconstructed from a thrifted sweater so doesn't count for my challenge.

I will be changing planes tomorrow mid-morning in Chicago so shout out if you see me!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Need Closing Suggestions!

Vogue 8954---The wonderful vest in the latest Vogue patterns designed by Marcy Tilton. Marcy gives a great tutorial for making the vest on her blog and has just completed another one in leather---yum!

I made mine in a good quality polar tech and left the serged seams on the outside. I used some grommet and studs belting around the bottom and now am trying to decide how to close it. I would like to have something silver or black and industrial looking but that is as far as I have gone, and am hoping some of you readers can help me with ideas.  Do I want to use buttons, pin(s), chains, ties ????

If you read Sham's Blog you might have noticed in her last post that she went to the Hardware Store for her next project and I can't wait to see what that looks like! I know she likes this vest and wonder if she is closing it with hardware???    Show, Shams, Show!

Anyway, here are some pictures of me wearing it different ways to help you picture what kind of closing I want:
This is actually the first piece in a "Travel Wardrobe" I am making for a trip in a couple weeks. The whole wardrobe is planned around this scarf/wrap/shawl that I made from a pattern from Stephen West. He is to knit designs what the Tilton sisters are to sewing----always something different and unusual. If you are a member of Raveltry you can look up the many versions under the pattern name "Color Craving" ( is worth joining even if you aren't a yarnie)
This "Wrap" is over 6 feet long and the "short" side of the triangle is almost a yard wide! I am making a coat to wear under it as part of my wardrobe.  Stay tuned for more later and please let me know how you think I should close my vest!