Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Duds for the Expo

I'm really looking forward to the Sewing Expo in the DC area next week. My mom is coming and we are taking classes all 3 days.  I have several classes with Sandra Betzina and have been busy making up her designs to wear to class.  I LOVE her last few dress patterns and hope she is designing some more for Vogue. She also has some great skirts but I decided to go with 3 versions of her dresses.  Here they are:
  This is version B of Vogue 1297, which has in-seam pockets at the top of the side flap.
I also made Version A, which has a large gathered pocket sewn on top of the side piece.

My favorite of her dress patterns is Vogue 1234. The skirt part of it is really an amazing design
Here is my jumper version:                            
I"m sure I'll be recognizable in these so if any of you readers are going to the Expo come up and say HI!!

It's time to stop sewing and clean my house in preparation for company---first my Mom and then a knitter friend from Georgia is stopping on her way to Stitches East (which is like a Sewing Expo for yarn lovers), where I"ll be going too! Wish I could knit things as fast as I can sew them and then I could  have all new knitted stuff for it, but probably not to be.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mini-Wardrobe finished

This was so fun to make!  I think I will try to coordinate my sewing into 5 or 6 piece ensembles with one key piece in the future.  As I mentioned before I have enough stash to make Many mini-wardrobes and it will be a good way to use some of my many uncut patterns.
I had fun doing this collage but need to learn how to put labels on the pictures. The patterns I used were:
Jacket--Vogue 8654 by Katherine Tilton
skirt and pants-Vogue 8637 by Marci Tilton
brown tee-top-Very Easy Vogue 8688

Since I've been sewing constantly for several days maybe I should clean up my sewing area before starting on the next mini-wardrobe!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mini-Wardrobe contest

I signed up for the Pattern Review mini-wardrobe contest, which involves having 5 pieces that all go together for different looks.  I've always liked thinking about my wardrobe as a "collection" and do try to sort of co-ordinate fabric as I buy it.  It just so happens that I hit a few of my favorite fabric outlets last weekend and got lots of basic stuff in fall colors and of course was anxious to see what would go with the stash I already had!.
When I dragged everything out (what a process) and looked, I had enough for 3 or 4 "mini-wardrobes" with many pieces in each!  But I decided to start with this piece of upholstery fabric for a jacket and add other pieces to go with it                     

I decided that as a challenge for myself I would try to use patterns that I already own but have never made up. I have in particular a lot of Marci Tilton patterns (and now her sister is designing too) that I would like to use.  Her patterns are wonderful and include several different styles in each envelope.

I start by using this one
I'd like to make all the versions of this but started with the skirt and a "Very Easy Vogue" top 8688
Here's the result (I admit to doing a little extra tucking to put some "dimension" into the outfit!)
I decided that another easy look could be obtained by adding my "Dress to Kill" scallop top that I wrote about in the last blog entry:
SO-only 2 more pieces and I'll have my first mini-wardrobe.  What fun and a good way to use up that fabric stash!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My "Dress to Kill" Knockoff skirt

I finished my knock-off skirt and top!!!

I started with many pictures of the skirt style I wanted to copy and decided that the plaid one would be the easiest to see what the original pattern looked like

Here is a picture of the skirt pieces in progress, and the pocket before and after being "scrunched"

After I finished the skirt I used some of my MANY yards of black knit fabric to try different shapes for the tops that I had seen in this designer's 2013 spring collection.     Below you can see examples of the scalloped, panel and bat-wing tees that she will be using.
This was so much fun to make and I'm going to try it in some different fabrics for fall .

Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Dress to Kill" knock-off skirt

As I mentioned in my last post I am anxious to try my hand at replicating the look of this designer skirt
"Knocking-off" designer clothing is one of my favorite sewing activities but I limit myself to pictures only, and never copy an actual original (Trying to look at them in stores doesn't work very well any way as the sales people in those kind of stores are VERY attentive).  It seems much more challenging and fun doing it from pictures onlly and nobody can say it's an exact copy.  Also the original pieces are usually in small sizes which I would have to enlarge anyway. This way I just design them to my proportions from the start.

I was getting a little overwhelmed with trying to figure out this whole design and decided to start with just the pockets.  I had just finished Vogue 1218 which had very big pockets that actually hung too far out so I decided to try to alter them to look like the pockets in the above skirt.  Here's the pattern pocket "as is"
And here it is after I twisted it around to try to make it look more like the DTK skirt

I literally just picked it up in the middle and twisted! Then tacked it down when it look right. Just what I wanted except the design skirt pocket might be little smaller.

Now I need to figure out those curved skirt pieces. There are plenty more examples out there to look at, and seem to be made in many different type fabrics. Here is another:

And here it is done in a fall fabric---The pockets are a little different on this one but the skirt pattern itself seems to be the same.  Now to go experiment on that curved skirt piece------More to follow soon!