Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Summer of Dresses Part 2

 I decided to try this Vogue pattern designed by Marcy Tilton for this week's "skirted" project. Have to say I am getting lots of wear out of my new skirts and dresses and they are so much more comfortable than pants now that the weather is getting warmer. Can't wait to have a closet full!
I realized as I was cutting out the pattern that I only had 2 different sizes of striped fabric rather than the three called for in the pattern but decided to make do, putting the larger stripes on the bottom and center front.
I purposely mismatched the large horizontal stripes at the seam between the side and front. Usually I don't mind horizontal stripes because of my height but these make me look quite large! I thought the break between the two pieces might give a vertical line that would help slim me down on the bottom!
Not sure if it worked but is is more interesting I think. If I had matched the stripes it would have looked like one piece of fabric.
I added some tucks in the back so those horizontal lines wouldn't be quite so "widening"
This dress was labelled "easy" and made up very quickly. I like the easy fit and would like to make it again in something besides stripes!
I have already started the "skirted" project for next week using one of the new Vogue summer patterns so be sure to check back and keep sewing!


  1. How cute! love your two stripes together. Such a fun and versatile pattern, I've made 5 versions!

  2. Adorable! I have that great pattern too but still haven't made one yet. Duh.