Saturday, June 27, 2015


Continuing  with my "skirted items for summer series" I decided I needed a basic denim-colored skirt to go with the many red, white and blue tops I have in my closet. Even "basic" items for me need to be somewhat different and preferably asymmetric so I chose this Marcy Tilton pattern..
It has 3 unusually shaped pieces and makes up very quickly. I added a little length and didn't make the contrasting waistband since I planned to wear one of my rectangular poncho-type overtops.
The skirt can be worn with any area as the front. I had fun turning it to different angles and found that each view was slightly different.

Even though the pattern says this skirt should be made from moderate stretch fabric I believe a soft woven would be fine and I am looking forward to making it again when I need a "basic skirt"

I have just a few more things to make in the red, white and blue color scheme and am meanwhile knitting on a summer linen shawl type scarf designed by Maggi Jackson that will actually have strips of  fabric woven through it.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Katherine Tilton's new top

I am taking a break this week from my "summer skirts and dresses" series to show the new top by Katherine Tilton for Butterick. It just came out and I wanted it so much I didn't even wait for it to be on sale. I just love all the designs by Katherine and her sister Marcy who designs for Vogue.

This pattern has so much potential for different looks. I went with coordinating stripes I had in my collection and made version A. I cut out my usual XL size with the only changes being making it 3 inches longer. It went together quickly and I love the look and feel.

The pants are Vogue 9114 which I showed the skirt for in my last post...really love these too....loose without looking "baggish". Next week I will be getting back to "skirted items"!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer of Dresses Part 3

I made a skirt and top this week so will count it as another dress. Couldn't wait to try this pattern as it reminds me a lot of some of the "boutique" type looks I see in linen.
The folds in the skirt look so complicated but are actually made with 4 inside ties on each side that can be tied for different looks.
The skirt can be worn in different positions, depending on where you want the folds to be.
Hope this doesn't look like the skirt is caught in my underwear! This has been so much fun to wear that I have already cut out the pants and hope to be showing them soon.

 The top is made by cutting a square from a slinky knit and sewing the shoulders and sides of my favorite loose-fitting looks.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Summer of Dresses Part 2

 I decided to try this Vogue pattern designed by Marcy Tilton for this week's "skirted" project. Have to say I am getting lots of wear out of my new skirts and dresses and they are so much more comfortable than pants now that the weather is getting warmer. Can't wait to have a closet full!
I realized as I was cutting out the pattern that I only had 2 different sizes of striped fabric rather than the three called for in the pattern but decided to make do, putting the larger stripes on the bottom and center front.
I purposely mismatched the large horizontal stripes at the seam between the side and front. Usually I don't mind horizontal stripes because of my height but these make me look quite large! I thought the break between the two pieces might give a vertical line that would help slim me down on the bottom!
Not sure if it worked but is is more interesting I think. If I had matched the stripes it would have looked like one piece of fabric.
I added some tucks in the back so those horizontal lines wouldn't be quite so "widening"
This dress was labelled "easy" and made up very quickly. I like the easy fit and would like to make it again in something besides stripes!
I have already started the "skirted" project for next week using one of the new Vogue summer patterns so be sure to check back and keep sewing!