Friday, September 23, 2016

Scenes from Stitches Texas....Friday

I am having a great time here at Stitches in Dallas!
The high point of today for me was going to Candace Strick's presentation on her new book. I have knitted 3 of the skirts from this wonderful book and wore this one today.
I hope to show that skirts can look good on a large person and this book gives all the tips and tricks to make them fit great on any size. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of Candace but she was wearing a beautiful skirt called "the Mummy Skirt" made out of pure linen. She explained how knitters think linen is too stiff and rough but after a good machine wash and dry it drapes beautifully.

As usual I saw some lovely knitted and crocheted items while shopping in the market and here are some that caught my eye.

Monday, September 19, 2016

KNITTER's Day Out 2016

 Part of the fun of going to "Knitters Day Out" held annually near Harrisburg PA is seeing all the wonderful knitted items that people are wearing. I got there at lunchtime on Saturday and everyone was sitting on the patio partaking of the wonderful lunch buffet.

I took the following pictures of knitters wearing items that caught my eye. First though, I have to show you one of the funniest scenes. These lovely ladies must have run out of time to finish their own sweaters so were wearing these cute tops that had a knitted looking print....brilliant!
Here are some other lovely items I saw while walking around the lunchtime crowd:

There were many great classes during the day and a half that the show ran, and lots of beautiful yarn in the vendor's area! 
I haunted my current favorite designer, Candace Strick and wore a skirt from her newly published book, entitled "Knit my Skirt". I will be following her to Stitches Texas next weekend and have two more skirts from this wonderful book!

Here I am with Candace wearing my Modrian skirt. She is wearing a wonderful skirt from her book called Denim and Diamonds. The yarn is made from recycled jeans!