Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer of Dresses Part 3

I made a skirt and top this week so will count it as another dress. Couldn't wait to try this pattern as it reminds me a lot of some of the "boutique" type looks I see in linen.
The folds in the skirt look so complicated but are actually made with 4 inside ties on each side that can be tied for different looks.
The skirt can be worn in different positions, depending on where you want the folds to be.
Hope this doesn't look like the skirt is caught in my underwear! This has been so much fun to wear that I have already cut out the pants and hope to be showing them soon.

 The top is made by cutting a square from a slinky knit and sewing the shoulders and sides of my favorite loose-fitting looks.


  1. Beautiful outfit!

  2. Thanks so much and it will s very comfy too!

  3. Great skirt - looks lovely on you! I have been delving into the Lagenlook, and this pattern is on my radar!

  4. Thanks..will look forward to your Lagenlook styleS!

  5. No, it doesn't look as if you got your skirt caught! LOL!! Very cute, Peg, and I like the way you styled it.