Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mizono Dress

VOGUE 1312

I was so glad to see this pattern come out with a dress version!  You can get a free pattern and tutorial to make the skirt version on Shams great blog Tablecloth skirt  She even has a gallery with pics of all the skirts her readers have made.

. I made my dress version in a woven poly gabardine so the angles would really "stick out"and serged them on the outside for better visibility.  I used my TNT top pattern superimposed on their bodice so it wouldn't be quite so bare.  I had originally lengthened it, which I almost always have to do (I'm 5'10") but it didn't really look good longer so I cut it back to original length (at the midrift seam).

In other news I went to Fabric Mart yesterday (I'm so lucky to live in PA!) and they were having a great sale on their "round tables". As I've mentioned before this is all the fabric that for some reason they aren't selling on their website any more and includes some great designer stuff. Every thing on these 15-20 tables was $1.99.  The sale has been going on for 2 weeks but I still found some great "basics" in neutral colors in high-tech fabrics that I can use for some of the experimenting I want to do when I  attempt to make the following things:
Tornado dress by Rick Owens  $1200  (pretty wild, even for me)

I may use the following pattern by Julian Roberts for my first attempt. I bought this from Center for Pattern Design but do not see it on their website any more.

Another thing I want to try to make is some version of the "Dress to Kill" big pocket skirt

And there are even some older Vogue skirt patterns that are a bit unusual that I'd like to try.  I have loads of summer type fabric I'd love to make up in funky skirts though I probably won't get to wear them til next spring. Stay tuned for some wierd creations!  "Have fabric, will experiment" is my motto!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fabric Mart's new blog

I was honored by the ladies from the new blog at Fabric Mart to be their first guest blogger. They did a good job of going through my old blogs and included the ones with sewing designs that I would have chosen myself as most creative.  Here it is and you can find out on it the other three bloggers who made the trip to FM with me and are HUGE Fabric Mart fans!     FabricMart's BLOG

On another note, I am still finishing up summer projects that involve crochet and sewing.  Here is a "retro" look I made with tie-dyed knit fabric (Vogue Sandra Betzina's 1297) and a crocheted vest from the 70's
to go over it

        Stay tuned for more summer outfits shortly as I want to finish them up and start on Autumn!