Saturday, September 28, 2013

Third Contest Challenge announced

Fabric Mart has just announced their 3rd Challenge. I'm delighted to still be around and thank you for the nice comments and for voting for me on the last one!

Of course we contestants have known about the challenge and have been madly working on our designs since Monday.  We have to use the 3 fabrics in the Mystery Bundle they sent us and everyone's is different.
I mistakenly "blabbed" about mine when I received them but luckily did not cut into them at that time---you'll have to go back several blog posts to see them as I'm not letting THAT cat out of the bag again!

I would REALLY love to win the prize this time----a jar of designer buttons!  I do not collect buttons like some sewers, but go out and select just the right ones for every outfit as I need them.  How wonderful it would be to have a selection right here at home!!!        SEW ON everyone---


  1. Go, Peg...this one is a real doozy...good luck!

  2. I bet you've made an awesome outfit with your fabrics!