Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Duds for the Expo

I'm really looking forward to the Sewing Expo in the DC area next week. My mom is coming and we are taking classes all 3 days.  I have several classes with Sandra Betzina and have been busy making up her designs to wear to class.  I LOVE her last few dress patterns and hope she is designing some more for Vogue. She also has some great skirts but I decided to go with 3 versions of her dresses.  Here they are:
  This is version B of Vogue 1297, which has in-seam pockets at the top of the side flap.
I also made Version A, which has a large gathered pocket sewn on top of the side piece.

My favorite of her dress patterns is Vogue 1234. The skirt part of it is really an amazing design
Here is my jumper version:                            
I"m sure I'll be recognizable in these so if any of you readers are going to the Expo come up and say HI!!

It's time to stop sewing and clean my house in preparation for company---first my Mom and then a knitter friend from Georgia is stopping on her way to Stitches East (which is like a Sewing Expo for yarn lovers), where I"ll be going too! Wish I could knit things as fast as I can sew them and then I could  have all new knitted stuff for it, but probably not to be.


  1. I don't think you will be sitting long enough to take many classes in DC - have a feeling that everyone will be wanting you to parade all of your brilliant clothes. Your eye for fabric choice, and parring it with patterns is to die all these dresses...

  2. Love the drape of these Betzina dresses, the fabrics look like knits - are they?

    1. Thanks. Yes they are all knits as called for in the pattern details.

  3. Love your dresses. They look really great. Hummm I may have to buy those pattern. I passed then by at first, but you are giving me some ideas

  4. I love, love, love your 3 versions of these dresses. I never even looked at it before seeing yours. I especially like the color combinations. Oh, and I'm jealous that you are taking classes from Sandra Betzina. Have fun and post about it, OK? Thanks.

  5. Your dresses are outstanding and yes I'm sure you'll be recogizable.
    I absolutely love your mini wardrobe of the post before this. Those are great pieces especially the jacket.

  6. I am in the DC area - wish I had caught your work before then! LOVE your style!

  7. Those version of your dresses are awesome! I would love to have either one of them. This was the first time to saw this unique style of dresses. I just don't know if it would fit me but I really like it! Very impressive!