Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Vogue Knitting Live" Show in Pasadena

Since I enjoyed the Vogue Knitting Live convention so much in New York in January I decided to attend the event in Calfornia this month and had a wonderful time. Vogue Knitting (and sewing) patterns have always been my favorite and it is so much fun to see the actual samples from their magazine in their many fashion shows. They also offer great classes, lectures and many vendors.

Of course I had to wear something knitted from one of their recent magazines so chose this one from the winter 2015 issue.

And of course I had to sew an outfit to go with it.....

Because this event was in sunny California, the yarns carried by the vendors were different than the heavy wools I found in wintry New York. I was able to see some lovely lighter weight yarns in cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo and linen....and of course some found their way into my suitcase to take home.

I have just finished my first warm weather sweater for the year. This pattern is from the spring Interweave magazine ( my second favorite for knitting patterns) and is made from a linen cotton blend yarn.  I found some fabric to make a skirt in a mixture of the same colors with a pattern from the new Vogue sewing catalog, which I hope to show soon.    Oh VOGUE, how I love thee for sewing  AND knitting!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Knitting Star tour stop #2

After seeing my favorite knit wear designer STEPHEN WEST last weekend in New York I decided to go to his next tour stop in Baltimore yesterday, at Woolstock yarn shop. He and knit designer StevenB will be touring the East Coast for 4-5 weeks, and I am trying to hit as many venues as possible, wearing a sweater he designed at each. Going to these "fashion shows" is great fun, and one of the best parts is meeting other Knitters who like his unusual designs!

Here I am in his newly knitted "Royally Striped" vest. It was so challenging and fun to knit, with stripes going all which ways, like a puzzle!
Here  I am with Stephen himself!

And here he is with his fellow designer Steven Berg (thus the "Stephen and Steven Tour)
He is wearing the sweater design in this one that I am working on for his next tour stop!

Strangely, I had more comments from other knitters there on the rest of my outfit and questions as to how I found things to coordinate.  Of course you readers that are sewers will realize that I sewed all the other items I am wearing.  I took my yarns to FABRIC MART (the actual store, not the website) and was able to find all these great knits.....the 3 tops are just basic tee shirts, each cut a little longer than the next (an idea from a Marcy Tilton pattern) and the pants are Vogue 8859, a Marcy design. Purse is from Icon and the blue streak in my hair is temporary!

Back to my knitting so I can turn up at their next stop in Alexandria, VA  at Fiber Space Yarn shop for their Saturday trunk "Show and Tell" and meet more knitters who love challenging and wild designs.....hope to see some of you there!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vogue Knitting LIVE in NYC

I was fortunate enough to attend the knitting convention put on by Vogue Knitting Magazine in Manhattan this past weekend and had a wonderful time. In addition to the classes, lectures, fashion shows and vendors, they added a new activity this year.....the Readers' Runway Show.

They asked for applications from knitters showing an article they had knitted from the magazine and chose 30 items to be modeled on the fashion runway. This is the item I applied with and was overjoyed to be accepted!
This pattern actually hadn't been in their magazine but was the signature sweater of the VKL advertisements and was free on their website. Here is a pic of the original. As you can see I added more colors!
To spice the outfit up a little I took my practice intarsia piece and used it in the center of a Stephen West designed scarf called "Safety Scarf"
I also used the leftover yarn to make a Stephen West hat called "Syncopation Adoratiion" which uses a 2- color brioche stitch.
It was so much fun to walk the runway in my creations, and especially to visit backstage with the other 29 participants who came from all over, even some from Europe!  We are hoping they will keep this event next year and I am already considering something from Vogue Knitting Magazine to knit for it.

The other fun thing was that I was able to take 3 classes with my newly favorite knitware designer, Stephen West. As I said in my last blog, he really has a talent for designing VERY DIFFERENT items than your average sweater.   Here I am with him in his "YES" themed outfit, which he used as the central idea for the class to convince us to try new ways of knitting.
But there is more fun to come! Stephen, along with his teaching partner StevenB, are now going to be touring the East Coast for the next 4 weeks, giving classes and putting on their fabulous fashion shows showing their originals.       I have become a total GROUP-ie   and plan to follow him around to several different events in the next weeks. I am trying to have a different creation knitted up for each of his locations and get my picture taken with him so STAY TUNED!     Knitting away madly here.....

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NEW YEAR's Knitting and Sewing Plans

I have discovered a wonderful new knitware designer this year....Stephen West . He designs wild, asymmetric colorful pieces....many shawls but I like his sweaters best.  Here is my first one:

For you that understand "knit speak", this involved lot of short rows!

So my knitting plans involve as many Stephen West items as I can make, AND in the process using a lot of my yarn stash, since his patterns always use lots of colors.

My sewing plans include making things to go with my new knitted designs and more of those Tilton sisters paterns, which I think will soon be out.....can't wait to see what they have come up with next!

Happy New Year's sewing and/or knitting to you!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


I have just finished knitting this most unusual sweater/cape/hoodie and am just amazed at how it all went together!
This is a new pattern designed for the Fiber Factor knit designer contest sponsored by Skacel company. If you are a member of Ravelry you can see the pattern called "bravura". The designer Tracy ha:s just lead a KAL (knit along) to make it and answered questions by the participants while we knitted it.

I wanted to knit this ever since I saw the original since I was mystified how it could be knit all in one piece and have all those layers on the back. As you can see, from the back it looks like a cardigan sweater with a cape over it, finished up with a hood over all. Yes, it was knit all in one piece and is the most amazing pattern design I have ever seen, on the level with all those Issey Miyake patterns I used to sew! Now we need some cold weather so I can wear it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Katherine Tilton Jacket

I am finishing up the last round of the "Tilton sisters" patterns before I start on the 3 new ones by Vogue. This jacket, Butterick 6106, was particularly fun.
B6106, Misses' Jacket
Butterick 6106

 I used pieces of tapestry, suede and decorator fabric from my stash.
The directions called for this jacket to be unlined but since the backs of my fabrics were so unattractive and scratchy I made a "boxy type lining" and tacked it to the inside. I really like the way some of these jacket pieces were put together, in some cases requiring sewing a straight edge to a slightly curved one. This allowed the jacket to have some fit and not just be straight up and down.
Looking forward to going to the Smithsonian Wearable Art show next weekend .  Anybody out there going?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

ORIGAMI top from Butterick

I have fallen in love with the work of designer Katherine Tilton. I have also loved the patterns of her sister Marcy, who designs for Vogtue and have just about all their patterns.   The 3 new ones by Katherine in the Butterick line are really awesome.
I just finished Butterick 6101 and am amazed at the complicated and good looking top pattern that resulted.
As you can see in the line drawings it is completely asymmetrical and it is very hard to figure out what the pattern pieces looks like.
The only hints I can give for making up this pattern is to read the directions carefully! I just took it one step at a time, not knowing exactly what I was sewing to what, but it all came out perfectly at the end. Katherine is definitely a genius at pattern design and I am starting her other two in this collection right away.

More pics from different angles:
The back is almost "normal"!    Be back soon!