Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mini-Wardrobe contest

I signed up for the Pattern Review mini-wardrobe contest, which involves having 5 pieces that all go together for different looks.  I've always liked thinking about my wardrobe as a "collection" and do try to sort of co-ordinate fabric as I buy it.  It just so happens that I hit a few of my favorite fabric outlets last weekend and got lots of basic stuff in fall colors and of course was anxious to see what would go with the stash I already had!.
When I dragged everything out (what a process) and looked, I had enough for 3 or 4 "mini-wardrobes" with many pieces in each!  But I decided to start with this piece of upholstery fabric for a jacket and add other pieces to go with it                     

I decided that as a challenge for myself I would try to use patterns that I already own but have never made up. I have in particular a lot of Marci Tilton patterns (and now her sister is designing too) that I would like to use.  Her patterns are wonderful and include several different styles in each envelope.

I start by using this one
I'd like to make all the versions of this but started with the skirt and a "Very Easy Vogue" top 8688
Here's the result (I admit to doing a little extra tucking to put some "dimension" into the outfit!)
I decided that another easy look could be obtained by adding my "Dress to Kill" scallop top that I wrote about in the last blog entry:
SO-only 2 more pieces and I'll have my first mini-wardrobe.  What fun and a good way to use up that fabric stash!


  1. love your mini wardrobe. you wear the lagenlook perfectly. i aspire to this look.

  2. Peg - a meet-up would be great. I can be reached here
    martha dot myers at gmail dot com.

  3. Looking good. Your mini wardrobe is a success.

  4. I have that pattern and am glad to see it made up in real life!