Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Dress to Kill" knock-off skirt

As I mentioned in my last post I am anxious to try my hand at replicating the look of this designer skirt
"Knocking-off" designer clothing is one of my favorite sewing activities but I limit myself to pictures only, and never copy an actual original (Trying to look at them in stores doesn't work very well any way as the sales people in those kind of stores are VERY attentive).  It seems much more challenging and fun doing it from pictures onlly and nobody can say it's an exact copy.  Also the original pieces are usually in small sizes which I would have to enlarge anyway. This way I just design them to my proportions from the start.

I was getting a little overwhelmed with trying to figure out this whole design and decided to start with just the pockets.  I had just finished Vogue 1218 which had very big pockets that actually hung too far out so I decided to try to alter them to look like the pockets in the above skirt.  Here's the pattern pocket "as is"
And here it is after I twisted it around to try to make it look more like the DTK skirt

I literally just picked it up in the middle and twisted! Then tacked it down when it look right. Just what I wanted except the design skirt pocket might be little smaller.

Now I need to figure out those curved skirt pieces. There are plenty more examples out there to look at, and seem to be made in many different type fabrics. Here is another:

And here it is done in a fall fabric---The pockets are a little different on this one but the skirt pattern itself seems to be the same.  Now to go experiment on that curved skirt piece------More to follow soon!



  1. I own several "Dress to Kill' skirts and they are a little more complicated than they look and she uses some really unique fabrics that are remnants from designers. If you live in the LA area (or visit the LA area) she sells her overstocks/samples twice a year at Craft Market in Santa Monica and again at the Bead Show in Pasadena. I can provide more details if you would like.

  2. pockets - those things are pockets! I would never have figured that out (been years since I've sewn much of anything. Learning a borrowed machine since mine broke...working on granddaughter clothes. If that works I'll go bigger for me!)