Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My "Dress to Kill" Knockoff skirt

I finished my knock-off skirt and top!!!

I started with many pictures of the skirt style I wanted to copy and decided that the plaid one would be the easiest to see what the original pattern looked like

Here is a picture of the skirt pieces in progress, and the pocket before and after being "scrunched"

After I finished the skirt I used some of my MANY yards of black knit fabric to try different shapes for the tops that I had seen in this designer's 2013 spring collection.     Below you can see examples of the scalloped, panel and bat-wing tees that she will be using.
This was so much fun to make and I'm going to try it in some different fabrics for fall .


  1. Looks so fabulous on you! Do blog more about your T. It is great too!

  2. Those piccies are SO small, but it looks fabulous! (From what I can tell.)

  3. ....what shams said....

    I would love to see more detail - looks wonderful :)

    ACK :( Do you know that you have the very-hard-to-read captcha word verification on your blog?

    1. Sorry the pics are so small---I got carried away with learning to collage my pictures. If the click the link in the first sentence you'll see a much bigger photo.

      And I took off the crazy word verification-thanks!

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  5. Thanks for the bigger pictures - and BIG thanks for turning off the dreaded WF!!!! :D

  6. Wow, love the skirt! It looks great.