Saturday, June 16, 2012

A crochet/sewing challenge

I've been reading some of your great sewing blogs and have gotten into a sewing mood again! However I am still in love with crochet and all the new looks using it from the designers.  Therefore, I've decided to challenge myself this summer with mixing the two skills.  I"m going to try to make (and show you) some things that have both "hook and needle" skills in the outfits.    Here's my first combined outfit:

The dress is a pattern from the new Vogue Knitting CROCHET magazine.  Yes, that's right, crochet has become so popular that conservative old Vogue magazine has just published a magazine dedicated to "hooking"!          This was actually listed as a "bathing suit" cover-up----No WAY would I have worn it as that so the sewing part came in making a co-ordinating simple slip/dress to wear under it---my "crochet" friends seem to be more impressed by that than the dress!

Stay tuned for more in my self-challenge Sew/Crochet (or maybe knit) projects----I have boxes of patterns, fabric and yarn to work with!       peg


  1. That is just wonderfully outrageous. Love the whole look with the amazing jewelry, crocheted overdress and SEWN underdress. Keep it up, you inspire!

    1. Thanks Ann! I was just reading your comments on the Vogue Miyake top you made and am hoping to do it soon---great info! peg

  2. That is *fabulous*, Peggy! Everyone should click on the image to enlarge it and to see the dress in all of its glory.

  3. Thanks s! And also for helping me get my mojo back with your great blog.

  4. Just checking your blog entries out Peggy and wow what inspiration. I too have loved crochet since hs and college in the 70's. I'll have to look for that magazine.