Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Missoni crochet inspiration

I love the way one of my favorite bloggers, Carolyn of sewingfantaticdiary looks at all the latest runway styles and then decides to incorporate her favorites into renditions that are attractive on her. She even names her collections sometimes!

Well, I've been looking at this summer's Missoni collection and it uses LOTS of CROCHET, my favorite activity of the moment so have decided to attempt some Missoni "knock-offs" that will be appropriate for me.

Here are some actual Missoni  crocheted pieces that I would love to try to "knock-off":

                                      cool top and the wavy pattern is perfect for crochet

This is called "crochet Knit"---would be fun to figure out the stitches---love the colors
Maybe a skirt like the bottom of this dress?
                                                                                                           I'd love a long tunic just likethis!
I think this is a scarf!
I really love this but would need to make a slip-dress to wear under it---the model seems to just have tiny black underwear on!

I'm thinking I"d sew a skirt like this and crochet a MUCH larger top in co-ordinating colors!SSo, stay tuned as I attempt to got through a Missoni "knock-off" challenge----I'm off to check my yarn for colors I need.


  1. Isn't it fun to find something that inspires you to think outside of your comfort zone? Whichever one of these you pick is going to make an awesome garment in your very capable hands!

  2. Thanks! You have been a great inspiration in many ways---you even convinced me I needed an IPad to match colors at the store!

  3. I adore the maxi dress on the runway made from the circles. I look forward to seeing your creation.

    Rose in SV