Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sewing Crochet challenge---purses

I'm trying to make up some of my Vogue patterns for summer before the new Fall ones come out.  Today I quickly made up version A of  8816 (my outfit picture comes later)

I made it in a light weight jersy knit and it made up quickly and gives just the right amount of "coverage" to my aging body. I may even consider lengthening it to dress length.

Since I am trying to add CROCHET items to my sewing I decided to take a look at some of the designer crocheted purses and found several:

These 2 are from Dolce and Gabbana-----the granny square one is over $2000 and reminds me of and afghan!

I discovered that crochet is so popular this year that it is even used to make shoes!

from relatively inexpensive sandals  --------to pricey ones from Missoni:     

So, taking these all as inspiration I came up with the following outfit:

I have to admit that there was a pattern for the sandals in the last "Interweave Crochet" magazine which I was dying to try! Here is another picture of them ----I started with crocheting around a black flip-flop sole with the thongs cut off.



  1. What a cute and colorful outfit, Peggy! It looks so great all together!

  2. Peggy, This is so pretty-I love the colors against the black.

  3. Lovely! Perfect for summer!

  4. Hi Peggy!
    We love how you take inspiration from designers and create your own version of it. We would love if you would do a guest blog post on our Fabric Mart blog to show off what you are doing. Please email us if you would be interested and we can discuss more of the details.
    Thank you,
    Kaitlin at Fabric Mart