Saturday, August 6, 2016

Scenes from Stitches Chicago Day 2

Friday was another wonderful day at Stitches! So fun that I was too tired to blog when I got back from the Fashion Show and Dinner. The fashion show was the high point of the day for me ....with models wearing many of the outfits from the latest Knitters magazine, lots of skirts from Candace's new book, and other exciting new designs from various designers and booths. I started to take pictures but then they announced that all the professional photos would be on the KNITTING UNIVERSE Facebook page. I just looked and they are all there so have a look!

Since I was wearing a crocheted top because of the heat, I decided to take pictures at the market of people wearing crocheted items or knitted items that would be good for hot weather. I think many people still think of knitted items as heavy wool sweaters and that just isn't so anymore. In the market now are wonderful linen, cotton, silk, bamboo and other natural fibers that are beautiful and cool!

Don't some of these ladies look like they are ready for a tropical vacation?

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  1. It's fun to see such a variety of knit- and crochet-wear. Your outfit is great!