Thursday, August 4, 2016

Scenes from Stitches Chicago Day 1

I am at another Yarn convention! This one is the well-known STITCHES put on by the company that produces KNITTERS' magazine, and employs many of their designers to teach classes and workshops in knitting, crochet and weaving.

I especially wanted to come this year because the Opening Day presentation was given by Candace Strick, a well-known knit designer who has recently published a book on knitted skirts. I bought the book as soon as it came out and there are over 20 designs for beautiful and unusual skirts. As you have probably guessed, my skirt in the above picture is from her book and is called the "Mondrian skirt" as it is based on the famous painting by that artist.

In her talk, Candace made the point that many women think they will not look good in a knitted skirt, but if made to fit correctly they can be very flattering to all shapes of women. Here are some pictures of skirts on people in the audience and on her models and I think you will agree they all look great.

And here is one of Candace herself and the model she made of the skirt I chose.

Here are some additional pictures of great looking knitted items I saw on people:


  1. I love your skirt!!!!!! Going to have to track down that book and hope this skirt is something I can make ( I'm not a very advanced knitter).

  2. Oh, Peggy, I LOVE your Mondrian skirt!!! It's fabulous! So glad you are having fun in Chicago! I want to visit that city one of these days!

  3. Your knit skirt is beautiful! Nice to see the other cute pieces. Thanks for providing the variety. Lots of talent, obviously!