Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Perfect top for Layering

                                                    Vogue 8669

I decided to take a break from my Pattern Magic construction project today and work on my mini-wardrobe that I will be wearing in a few weeks on a trip to see family near Kansas City. I want to have pieces in Blue and Green that can be worn several differnt ways.

Since I've been into the "Lagenlook" scene lately I wanted to be able to layer a different assortment of tops with basic pants for different looks.      Sometimes I layer as many as 3 different tops and want all of the collars to show! In finding the pieces for this look, I think the different necklines that will be worn together are very important (also the different hemlines but I don't need a pattern for that).

What I needed was a middle piece---one that would allow an underneathe turtleneck to peek out but wasn't so large (in the neck area) that I couldn't wear another layer over it. I must have at least 50 different knit top patterns in my stash and finally decided on this one, which turned out to be perfect.

I made it up in green with an underneathe blue t-neck.  The neckline still enabled me to wear my signature (at this time of year) Nutcracker necklace.
I am trying to use some of my self-made knit and crochet items in the wardrobe so here it is with my crocheted purse                                                        
And here it is with my newly "off-the-hook" crocheted tunic----now you can see what I mean about showing 3 different layers at the neckline:
Sweater collar down

sweater collar "draped"
I even tried some crocheted "boot toppers" but am not sure if they are a little TOO MUCH?

Now to think of some different tops that will go with my "look"----and a coat coming up too (as soon as I decide what pattern to use).


  1. Love the layered look on you, particularly in this colourway. And now you are onto a coat - do you ever stop???

  2. Fabulous vest and the top is perfect.

  3. I think the boot toppers are just right, although maybe too much if you wear the sweater with them. Great colors and drapes!

  4. So glad Rhonda sent me over here to your blog. (Thanks, hon'!) I just love the kinds of things you make, Peg! So fun and funky and very personal style. I'll be heading back into the depths of your archives now...

  5. I love the boot toppers! It's not too much, it's joyful.

  6. Just perfect, Peg. The colors are great and I really like that neckline!

  7. Love the boot toppers. They are over the top!

  8. I love the colors Peg! Really like the mix of necklines, and the vest is super. I do love the boot toppers, but my vote is to use those with a plain top so they get noticed.

  9. Bonjour !

    I try to find a blog like this one since a long, long.. Time !
    All is beautiful, of course,
    but more,
    you have a real talent to think the clothe.
    May be, you can translate ?...

    Je suis ravie de vous découvrir,
    formes, couleurs, harmonies,
    vous avez su créer votre style et vous le porter avec autant d'originalité que d'élégance.
    Sûr, je n'ai pas fini de me balader sur vos pages tant elles m'inspirent !
    La couture, avec vous, devient un bonheur à porter et à voir,
    je vous remercie de nous laisser vos billets en partage.
    A bientôt car je pense revenir bien souvent !

    Thank you... I will come back very often, I have so more to discover on your pages...

    Lydaine (from France...)
    (Oh... For me, it is not too much, it's just the little fun that, you, you can dare without take out the elegance)