Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pattern Magic 3---"Wear it Wrong"

I recently purchased this book and thought it would be fun to try some of the projects in it. It seemed more accessible than the other Pattern Magic books or the Drape, Drape ones because instead of having to trace the patterns, it uses a sloper for a half-scale model, which I happened to have.  Here my model "DOLLY"  is wearing the sloper pattern for a basic top (I added the wrap skirt to avoid embarrassment for her!).
Now that I knew the sloper pattern fit well I was ready to try the first project in the book, called "Wear It Wrong".  There was a bit of humor in the write-up for it, saying that if one happened to put their top on wrong it would still be stylish.  In fact it is a top that can be worn several drastically different ways, with head and arms coming out of different holes in each!
The first step is to make a simple kimono top which you can see here

Then, it instructs you to pull the whole thing to HER left and cut off the right sleeve enough that it will fit over her head.   Her left arm then goes through the original neck hole and her right arm goes through an opening in the right side seam----like this:
Then one can arrange the sleeve in different styles that seem to "work". Here are my attempts:

This was so much fun that I decided I needed one that fit ME! Here it is worn in the traditional way (the only "give-away" is that the right sleeve is shorter so it will fit my neck when I wear it WRONG).
Here I am after turning it around.

And here are some ways I tried with using that dropped sleeve in different ways
This was so much fun I can't wait to start the next project in this book.  I have a feeling I will be running through my Knit stash quickly!


  1. What fun! You can go from mild-mannered retired engineer to fabulous superhero without changing your shirt!

    By the way, if you like pattern puzzles and drafting you should be following Sleeves on Saturday over at Rhonda's Creative Life.

  2. Peg I love reading about your creations. One of your tops looked like one that Rhonda did recently.
    Marciae from SG

  3. What an interesting design. Looks great on you!