Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pattern Magic 3--"Two Peas in a Pod A"

I'm continuing to work my way through "Pattern Magic for Stretch Fabrics", making each design for my Half-scale model Dolly, and then enlarging it for myself if it seems wearable.

The second pattern is again an easy one. The basic premise is to take the sloper pattern and reduce the front to 65% while enlarging the back by 135%, which math tells you results in the overall garment being the size of the sloper.  My pieces looked like this:
Then, gathering all the seam edges on the big piece so they fit the little piece, the 4 seams are sewn together.

The one in the book looked like this:
I added longer sleeves on mine and put it on over the red tee to see the contrast better.
And here are several views in my plain grey model to show the different seam lines. Again, a very fun project yielding a quite unique look without much complexity.  Note that I decided to break out my Nutcracker necklace since there is a little bit of snow on the ground!

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  1. Very new and stylish!! You wear this well. I'm curious-how does it feel on?