Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lagenlook pattern from McCall's

Since I've gotten (re)interested in  Lagenlook , especially in the mode of having several different fabrics and colors in the "layering", I've been looking for simple patterns that would give me the LOOK I want.    Surprisingly, several of the major pattern companies are starting to have ones that fit the bill. Since they are usually simple but unusual cuts it wouldn't be terribly hard to draw up my own, but it's SO much easier when there's a pattern in my size to start with.

I picked up several at the 99cent pattern sale that JoAnne's had on McCall patterns this month.  One of my favorites that I just had to have was M6607
This is View B, which caught my eye immediately with the side drape.  Views A and C are cut straight across the bottom in different lengths and still have that great layering collar.

It was just what I needed to get the right addition to a darker pair of pants and tee that I just made.

 I had to recut this yellow fabric from a longsleeved top I"d already made, which was TOO much yellow----so I couldn't make quite as long a collar drop as the pattern but plan to try that next. I also didn't sew the side seams quite to the bottom, so there would be 2 points on each side instead of one.

The pants are the same pattern (V8637)I made in the last blog, this time out of a chunky dark grey ponte
knit, which gives those folds and tucks a little more definition.
 I also made the bottom leg darts on the outside for interest and pulled in the bottoms a little bit more with a band. They are SO comfy and I love the way they fit and look.

The underneath long sleeved tee was just the simple rectangle with sleeves that I also explained in my last blog.  I tend to use those simple geometric shapes over and over!    OH, and I've been picking up pieces of tapestry to make purses to go with different outfits----I feel that they almost add another "layer of interest" to my Lagenlook.


  1. I really like the tapestry purse idea! I might borrow that...

  2. Love that McCalls pattern, Peg...I've made it once and cam't wait to make it again. You are really pulling together that LL!

  3. Love the style on you and the color is one of my very favorites!

  4. Yes, you do rock the lagenlook! That McCalls pattern is a great addition. What kind of fabric did you use in the yellow? The ensemble is wonderful.

  5. What a great outfit you have created. I think I'll have to hunt down that pattern! It seems like something that would work very well with Saori handwoven clothing, which is my newest hobby interest.