Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lagenlook for every day

Probably most of you who read this blog already know that "lagenlook" means the "layered" approach to dressing, also known as "arty" or "funky".  It is a look I have always loved and since the Artisan Square Sewing Guild site has come along with 2 LL forums (one is doing a LL 6-pac wardrobe) I've taken a renewed interest in experimenting with different versions of this look in easy knits.  I've found that the clothing that results is so darn COMFORTABLE that I want to wear it all day.  So I ventured out to JoAnn's and other fabric stores yesterday in my newest attempt:
I have gotten many questions as to what patterns I use so will attempt to "deconstruct" my process here.
For this kind of top, I think large geometric shapes give the best "flowy" look. For the underneath blue tee I started with a large rectangle and added sleeves (without the sleeves it's a good summer look with "cap" sleeves)
For the over top I wanted something that was bigger around the armholes so cut this all-in-one pattern, adding the straight cowl pattern later:

I use a large rotary cutter so the edges will be perfectly smooth and often don't even finish them. You can see that I cut the front hemline a little shorter in the front and curved it up a bit in the middle. The extra width at the bottom will cause a knit to drop down into gentle points on the sides

For pants I use a different approach and must use a pattern (especially for the crotch area). Tight pants make me look like a giraffe so I like wide pants on my long skinny legs, but do NOT like them to just go straight down.  You can see from this Vogue Marcy Tilton pattern 8637 that there are suble curves in the seam lines of the pants:  (the skirt is a real winner too)
I am always looking for new ways to give interest to the pants leg lines. Vogue has quite a few "different" leg treatments and the (sadly now defunct) French Pattern company Au Bonheur has some great ones. But don't despair, I'm planning to make up several of my old Au Bonheur pant patterns in the near future and will blog enough info that you can create the look without having a pattern.

But first I want to attempt to knock-off these "Dress to Kill" pants------More soon!


  1. I love your creativity, Peggy, and how much fun you have with shapes and design. You look great in lagenlook!

    1. Thanks so much! You are the one who first taught me the word! I look terrible in anything fitted so am overjoyed to have Lagenlooks to play around with.

  2. Thanks for this post, Peggy. I like rectangular-shaped pieces, like kimono, so this is very appealing. You make it look so easy. What fabrics are you drawn to use in these pieces?

  3. You look so great in this style!

  4. That is a great outfit, Peggy. I love the lagenlook look. Any suggestions for how to adapt it for folks shaped more like penguins than giraffes?

  5. Thank you so much for outlining HOW you get this look. I am taking notes :-). Your outfits are so appealing, especially the color choices, and your socks.