Monday, October 15, 2012

Finishing my sweaters, Any Which Way

Going through my winter clothes this weekend I saw that I have several Hand-Knitted sweaters that have been "on the needles" for years and probably won't get finished in the next century if I want to continue knitting the original pattern (too much fun to start NEW stuff).  However, since I know how to crochet (faster than knitting) and SEW (MUCH faster than knitting) I came up with the idea of using these other techniques to attack these UFO's (Unfinished Objects in knit talk).           Since none of them are wearable now I don't have much to lose and there's always the possibility of coming up with something unique and wearable!

I started with a sweater from one of my favorite knitting books (and the one I learned to knit from 10 years ago), the first in a series of 3 by Sally Melville.         I started the sweater on the cover because it was assymetrical, without realizing just how much garter stitch it required.  I alternated different colored yarns for stripes which helped somewhat with the "bore factor".

When I finished the sweater enough to try on the one slightly longer front just looked like a mistake and the whole thing looked boring.   I finished it this morning by adding some crochet to the short side (leaving it still somewhat assymetrical) and crocheting around the edges with the contrasting color, even leaving ends hanging for a "funky" factor.     Here is the result:

Stay tuned for my next Sweater finishing, as it will involve sewing on some fabric!                                                              


  1. Sally Melville's knitting books are winners. What a great idea to use them with sewing and crocheting! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Your sweater is very nice, it's perfect for winter. Great job! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, and to your creative ideas in knitting. Excellent!