Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where have all the SLIPS gone?

I seem to be making and wearing a lot of skirts lately.  In my opinion they look better on me than pants (which all but the very fullest make me look like a giraffe).   I'm currently working on this designer knock-off skirt and it seriously needs a slip---both for feel and looks.

 It would be impossible to line so I went looking for a slip to wear under it. Have you looked at slips in the store lately?  They are pricey, limited and ugly! Plus none that were the right size and length happened to have just the right slit length.

 So I decided to make one from some lining material I have, which of course would be just the right size and length and I could make a slit in the slip to match the one in the skirt.  But no matter how much of a "slit" I put in the slip, some of it kept wanting to peep out around the skirt's slit!

       I suddenly realized that the slip really doesn't need to be attached at all on one side.  So I left it flat and put in an elastic waistband which it can kind of slide around like a shower curtain on a round rod. This works great!  I can open the side as much as I want or pull it closed when I don't have a slitted skirt.  Here is my result and you can see that on the right side it is completely open and I've pulled a bit of elastic out to see.                                                                
   I'm quite pleased with the result. The cost was probably under a dollar as I got the whole bolt of fabric for $3 at my favorite thrifty fabric store, and the elastic came in a "mystery package" from Fabric Mart .  So Voila---a designer slip!


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  1. What a clever idea! I love your designs. You show so much originality and obviously love the process. Your blog is a great pick-me-up :)