Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Pairs of (small) pants = One SKIRT

Here's my first attempt at "re-constructing"
I took the 3 pair of sporty pants that I got at the Thrift Store yesterday and remade them into a funky skirt. I would have taken more pics of the original pants and the process if I'd known how much I'd enjoy the creation, but since this is my first attempt I had no idea what I'd come up with!

I used some ideas from an Au Bonheur pattern I'd made with pockets and flaps hanging all over it    http://www.patron-de-couture.fr/uploaded/1/big/JCE09002.jpg  but in this version I decided to use as many of the pockets on the pants themselves as I could.  What fun---there was even one with a ribbon closure!

Only one of the pair of pants fit me at the waist so I used that as the "base", taking apart all the pants seams up to the waist. Then I just added interesting pieces of fabric from the other 2 pairs until I got a result I liked! After the pieces were all sewn together I made tucks and pleats at different places like some European designer skirts I've seen, which hopefully gives the skirt some interesting "movement".

I tested many ways and places to put the pockets and here is a close-up of the process:

               I learned some lessons from this first re-constructing adventure.  I should only wear one funky piece in an outfit----had a wilder tee-shirt on at first and I looked like a clown!   This had been do much fun and I'm looking forward to making more creations.    Thanks for reading my new blog!   I'm looking forward to your comments.    PegSewer                                             


  1. Peg, what an inspiration skirt. You remind me to stop in at my thrift store more often with an idea to deconstruct. So far I have mostly bought leather items to use for accent/trim.
    Keep the ideas coming, I love what you do.

  2. I'm so glad that you started a blog. Your creations and reviews on PR are fantastic fun.

  3. That is one cool skirt! I have deconstructed pants in my stash, too, but never got to the re-construction phase...

  4. Hi,
    I LIke your style!
    As we say here in New York, 'Go ahead with your bad self!'

  5. just discovered your blog today. These are really cool!

  6. I just discovered your blog at 4 am this morning. What fabulous ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.