Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Vogue Knitting Live" Show in Pasadena

Since I enjoyed the Vogue Knitting Live convention so much in New York in January I decided to attend the event in Calfornia this month and had a wonderful time. Vogue Knitting (and sewing) patterns have always been my favorite and it is so much fun to see the actual samples from their magazine in their many fashion shows. They also offer great classes, lectures and many vendors.

Of course I had to wear something knitted from one of their recent magazines so chose this one from the winter 2015 issue.

And of course I had to sew an outfit to go with it.....

Because this event was in sunny California, the yarns carried by the vendors were different than the heavy wools I found in wintry New York. I was able to see some lovely lighter weight yarns in cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo and linen....and of course some found their way into my suitcase to take home.

I have just finished my first warm weather sweater for the year. This pattern is from the spring Interweave magazine ( my second favorite for knitting patterns) and is made from a linen cotton blend yarn.  I found some fabric to make a skirt in a mixture of the same colors with a pattern from the new Vogue sewing catalog, which I hope to show soon.    Oh VOGUE, how I love thee for sewing  AND knitting!


  1. You are just having entirely too much fun these days! ;) Your knitting knocks my socks off. I'm lucky if I finish one sweater in two years!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment Linda. I am having loads of fun but not getting that much sewing done, just basic stuff to go with my sweaters!

  3. That's our Peg! So coordinated. You're a wiz. Can't wait to see you and hear the news!

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  5. I really like how you wear your pullovers with longer t-shirts, Peg! I've mostly been sticking to cardigans but I can see where an overlayer works really nicely. Must get back to sewing though. It's a lot faster than knitting sweaters!