Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fabric Mart "Bundle" Challenge

In this challenge we were required to make two items, using all three fabrics that we received earlier from Fabric Mart.  Here are my fabrics:

I knew immediately when I saw the raincoat fabric that I wanted to make a coat, but realized I'd have to add additional fabric from my stash (which the judges indicated was okay). I took my extra colors from the "dancer fabric" adding a black wool and ponte knit, hot pink poly, and a vintage "Route 66" fabric I've had for ages, just waiting for the perfect thing.

THE DRESS:  I had been wanting to try this Vogue Marcy Tilton pattern and thought of it when I saw the stripes in my bundle fabric.

Unfortunately I did not have enough of the striped fabric to make all the "shingles" on the dress so after some experimenting decided to use the 3 middle ones.   I didn't like the look of the raw edges as instructed by the pattern, so added a black knit binding on the bottoms of the slanted edges.

THE COAT:  I used another Marcy Tilton pattern by Vogue for this:
I had just enough of the bronze raincoat fabric for the body of the coat and used a remnant of black wool for the arms and collar.  The fun part was making the "patches" to go around the bottom and on the shoulder and back of it!         I used quilting techniques to piece together different blocks, using all of my fabrics in some way.   Here are some close-ups:

This project was so much fun and I am ready for the next rainy day---just need a pink umbrella!

To see the other entries to this challenge and vote for your favorite, go to fabricmartfabrics        ON to the next challenge, which we have already started!


  1. Love, love, love, Peggy! I love both pieces, but I especially love what you've done with the coat. That Route 66 fabric provided the perfect pop of color and texture and the entire coat just sings. It will be so much fun to wear that on a nasty rainy day! I didn't realize that the stripes were a knit fabric, but you've made the best of those, too, with the Marcy dress. Your entire outfit is Tilton-rific!

    1. Thanks so much Shams! That means a lot coming from you and you made a great outfit for the challenge too.

  2. What a great look. Love it! And even better, you have remained true to your style. Way to go!!!

  3. definitely a "Peggy" outfit! You were really busy!!!

  4. Great work -- and I have to say that dress looks fabulous on you!

  5. Peggy, you have transformed both MT patterns to be your own!! I love what you did with the shingle dress, and the raincoat is awesome. The Route 66 fabric is such a great touch.

  6. oh my gosh, your creations are just wonderful. Awesome, really, in the real sense of the word.... off to vote ;)

  7. I love the binding on the shingles--the edges are really highlighted and the rain coat looks great with the pink pops of color. It will brighten any overcast day. Great job!

  8. Wow - those pieces look fabulous. I love the idea of mixing and matching fabrics and you have done a fabulous job here! Your raincoat, in particular, looks so much fun!!

  9. Wow! I would love those pieces in my wardrobe. Nice work!

  10. So artistic and fun and definitely as unique as you!