Friday, August 30, 2013

Fabric Mart Fashion Contest

Have you heard about the Fabric Mart "Fabricista" Challenge?  It will be sort of a "Project Runway" type setup with 10 chosen designers and one being "sent home" each week. Voting on their blog will determine the winner.   Here is the information  Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge
I just sent in my entry to be a contestant but plan to have lots of fun sewing each challenge whether I am chosen as an actual contestant or not!  What a great way to use up some of my stash and I can always put the results here on my blog.

I may not progress very far because my "funky" style doesn't appeal to all tastes but if I can convince just one "older" lady that being in your 60's (or older) doesn't mean you can't enjoy making and wearing great clothes, it will fulfill my goal.   That's really why I write this blog and what I have learned from many of YOUR blogs!         So you all rush to sign up too-----can't wait to see some of the results!

(I put some of my older fall and winter clothes here to give a sample of my "funky and arty" aesthetic)


  1. Love, love, love you coat with the mitten pockets. Very cute.

  2. Peggy, This will be fun to watch/read about. I'll be cheering you on.

  3. Oh What fun. I'm heading over there to check it out. Love your red coat!1

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment on my recent blog post. I totally hope that Fabricmart chooses you to be a part of this challenge. I think your unique and quirky perspective is just what they need to include! I've been thinking about applying for the challenge as well, but I'm not sure I have the chops or the talent for it. But it will be fun to follow along with those who are involved.