Monday, August 19, 2013

#12--Most Difficult Pattern EVER!

In my blogging challenge to make 31 knitted/crochet items and sewing an outfits to go with them, the yarn project is usual by far the most time-consuming and difficult, but not in this case.  Because the dress was the biggest challenge to me I'll write about it first.

  It is the Donna Karan pattern  #1361 from the new Vogue fall collection. I could tell the pattern would be a challenge when I saw that it was marked "Advanced" and all those outside darts on the front and back!
Little did I realize that it would turn out to be the most confusing pattern I've put together in more than 50 years of sewing!

Cutting out the pattern was the first trial. No body piece is cut double. Each side is different and none of the pieces LOOKS like part of a dress!

I marked the many body darts with tailor tacks and pressed them before sewing. They actually came out pretty good and I was on to the collar portion. This is what was really confusing as some of the body parts flow into becoming the collar.  In addition, instead of sewing on the facings in the normal way, the pattern instructions have you lap one edge over the other to sew. I did this on the collar piece but since it is underneathe and doesn't even show I sewed the other facings the normal way.

Actually, once the darts and collar are all put together most of the hard work is done. The right sleeve was a little tricky to put in because there were several large darts and seams in the body seam allowance.
Amazing, but when I was finally able to put it on it actually fit pretty well, I did not make the attached lining and chose to close it with hidden snaps rather than sewing it closed.
Most of all I was proud of myself for continuing to follow the directions though at times they made no sense!

Now on to the scarf. It is a crocheted circle mobius made from a fine mohair yarn doubled. It can be worn long or short:
This actually turned out to be a comfortable outfit---now on to the next one.


  1. Way to go for sticking with the pattern. I likely would have tossed it when it began to get complicated! Outfit, superb!

  2. Peg--you look great in this dress! Both the color and style are very flattering on you. I've really been enjoying watching your progress on your 31 challenge--thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Wow! I admire your persistence. And you have me intrigued about this pattern. Sometimes a challenge is fun. Your result is certainly a huge success. Nicely done!

  4. All your work paid off in a beautiful outfit!

  5. You are fearless, Peggy! Great job!

  6. Nothing is going to stop you!! Thanks for inspiring me with your patience and persistence. I'm one of those people who hates following directions without knowing the "why" of what I'm doing so your good result is a useful lesson for me to trust more.

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  8. I'm making this pattern right now, and I just sent an email to Vogue about it. I think they left a critical piece of information out of the instructions - what to do with the lower right facing where it extends beyond the upper facing. If you don't attach that at the side, it will end up flapping. I've got it pinned on my dress form right now, and I'll add a snap to attach it.