Sunday, May 26, 2013

ORIGAMI and sewing

I am so glad warmer weather has arrived! Most of the winter found me with an ongoing cold/cough, lying on the couch reading and knitting with skinny yarn that took forever to evolve into a finished object. (how's that for an excuse for nothing to show?)

I did have the energy to experiment with my new "folding" habit, which is a term Origami enthusiasts like to use for their art.  It is quite a steep learning curve but here is a pic of some of my beginner projects
I've found that origami gives me some of the same satisfaction that sewing an intricate pattern does, so it is reassuring to find something else I like to do---plus it costs a lot less.  I finished all the models in the book on the left below and now consider myself an "advanced beginner". I'm working through some of the intermediate patterns in the middle books, and dreaming of the day I'll be able to fold some of the models in the Robert Lang book on the right.         Just like fashion, different designers use different techniques and Origami enthusiasts talk about "folding a Lang".  LIke most arts, there is an interesting history surrounding the different techniques that are done in different countries and it's been fun to read about those.

Stayed tuned, because I am suddenly really ready to SEW! I'd also like to include some summer weight self-knitted and crocheted tops in my new outfits.    Sewing Room here I come!

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