Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Italian Graffiti Fabric

I have had this cotton fabric with what I THINK is Italian writing on it for a long time and had almost given up on finding something I wanted to make with it. Then I read Marcy Tilton's blog post on all the printed pants she saw in Paris paris-trend-pantalons-des-celebrations and decided it was perfect for that.

I know that tight pants are in fashion now but because of my figure and this particular fabric I decided to go with what Marcy calls a "soft" pant.  Though I like my pant legs roomy I do NOT want them to look like long wide bags and found the perfect pattern in Vogue 8499, which were designed by Marcy herself.
These were just what I wanted for several reasons.
1.The 4 pattern pieces for each leg allowed for gradual tapering at the bottom.
2. Both the side pockets and horizontal darts near the knees gave some extra shaping to the pants, and added some interest to the length.

Needless to say, I didn't even consider trying to match any of the writing on the different pieces!

I drafted a basic top that would echo the irregular shapes in the print, but that would be short enough in the front to show the top of the pockets.

I had a hard time photographing them so that the print showed very well but here are several attempts with different lighting.
Since I don't read Italian, I am wondering what the writing says? Hope it's not too bad!