Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lagenlook for the Holidays

I've been trying to extend my "lagenlook attitude" to most of the new things I make. I needed something to wear to a holiday "Eggnog and Cocktail" party on Friday and that afternoon decided everything I had to wear was too hot, too cold or just not what I wanted to wear with my extra 5-6 pounds in the waist I've managed to put on this month!     I have many versions of black pants and tops so just needed something to wear over them that was quick and easy to make---plus comfortable and washable (in case I spilled eggnog or appetizers on myself!).

Decided on The Sewing Workshop  Eshrug pattern which I've made before and loved. It is  a one piece pattern (plus sleeves) that fits wonderfully---I've previously tweeked it to make it longer with bigger armholes. I was able to get it made with time to spare and had a great time at the party. Even got several comments on my "unusual outfit"
Of course I added my nutcracker necklace and purse made from a thrifted sweater

I'm also continuing to work through the "Pattern Magic Stretch Fabric" book and add to my holiday wardrobe collection.

 Since I want some new tops I decided to try "Full Moon"
It is made from 2 circles sewn together on the outsides. The top one has neck and armholes and the bottom one has the waist hole.  Here are the pics of the pattern and the finished version on my half-size mannequin Dolly.   It is SO convenient to have this little dress form as I can tell by how it fits on her if I want to enlarge the pattern for myself. Here is the top piece with neck and arm holes. You can see how it looks over the bottom piece in the left pic.

Here are the pieces for my top, which are all cut to twice the length and width of the half-scale model
And here is my version from different angles:

These patterns are so fun to work with and I've already started another one that is made from 2 circles but has different openings for the body parts---more tomorrow on it!


  1. More tomorrow!!! Do you ever stop whipping up such brilliant garments - love all of them...J

  2. You are the most festive person! Great fun. Merry Christmas!

  3. Very festive! You are really having some fun with the Japanese pattern books!

  4. Great job! You're a very artistic garment sewist.