Sunday, July 14, 2013

31 Outfits Challenge--#5,#6,#7

I am going to the CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) convention next week and have finally finished the outfits to wear there.    I am a "crochet lover" from way back and am out to prove that crocheted clothing can be just as stylish and trendy as knitted stuff, and it's not your "grandma's crochet" any more!

A big factor in the new crochet trend is Vogue Knitting Magazine. For the past 2 years they have published a single issue dedicated to crochet and each is filled with edgy and trendy styles from great designers.
My first two outfits are patterns from this magazine, with a few changes to fit and look better on my body

I liked this 70's style skirt called "Half Hexagon Skirt" but not the length or tightness so expanded it a lot to make my "4th of July" version skirt.

I really liked the interesting crossover cable in the middle of the front and back of this design called "Mesh Stitch Dress"  and thought she needed more underwear!           I made mine in a metallic black with different colored ruffles and cables and call it "My Little Black Cocktail" Dress. I plan to wear it for the banquet and Fashion Show at the convention and just hope it doesn't fall off when I'm on the runway!
My last new outfit comes from a new crochet book called "Runway Crochet" which includes patterns by many of the top designers.
I chose a skirt by my very favorite designer, Doris Chan, and made what she calls her "Cosmopolitan Cocktail Skirt"
This yarn is 100% Corn Fiber! (called AMAIZING by SWTC) and is really cool and soft feeling. The top is made from a rayon knit (also breathable in hot weather) and I sewed a silk underskirt with some fabric in my stash----so the entire outfit is great for the torrid weather we will be having at the convention in Indianapolis next week.

I am also taking a dress I made from Last Year's Vogue Knitting Crochet Magazine in a variegated cotton yarn with sewn cotton under-dress.
As always, more later and if you need a new hobby, give crochet a try! (much easier to learn than knitting)


  1. You are putting together one incredible crocheted wardrobe!!!

  2. Lovely creations! I just finished a crochet top from the same corn yarn. Mine is in red. It's a recent blog entry if you want to see. I, have a another color in the same yarn waiting to become something. All in due time!

  3. Very nice! I especially like that last dress! Crocheted clothes have built in air conditioning!

  4. You pick the most fantastic designs to whip up, in just delectable them all...

  5. I can't crochet to save my life. Love all your garments, especially the rainbow stripe - oops I mean the 'Cosmopolitan Cocktail' - skirt.

  6. Beautiful work! I will look for you at the CGOA conference.

  7. Love your work Peg - thanks for your support and encouragement as well in finishing the mesh stitch dress...your collection for the show is simply amazing!!