Monday, June 24, 2013

31 Outfits #3

This top is made for hot weather and is perfect to wear this week.
It is crocheted from an unusual yarn made in Italy. The contents are linen, viscose and polyamide. It is what is called a "thick and thin" yarn, which gives an unusual texture. There are about 3 inch sections of pure linen and then the same amount of the shinier and thinner polyamide.

The linen pants are sewn from a basic Vogue pattern and the mauve under tee is a rayon knit also sewn by me.      
You may have noticed I have changed my Challenge name from "31 sweaters" to "31 Outfits". That is because I've seen lots of knitted/crocheted dress and skirt patterns that I am anxious to try. It will also give me a more varied wardrobe than 31 new tops would!


  1. Another stylish summer sweater, Peggy!

  2. OOH, I LOVE it--the colors, style, everything!

  3. I have always thought knitted garments were better looking than crocheted ones. Seeing all your adorable crocheted sweaters has changed my mind. I am no longer a knitting "snob". Thanks, Peggy!

  4. Your sweater is lovely. Those are my favorite colors!

  5. This is a wonderful sweater. I love crocheted items!!