Monday, June 6, 2011

FABRIC MART and memories

Several of you asked who the "special friend" was that gifted me the wonderful designer tee-shirt in my last blog. It was none other than the delightful Shams of communingwithfabric when she visited me from the West Coast in April.  One of the many high points of that visit was when we drove to the famous Fabric Mart, along with Carolyn( sewingfantaticdiary) and Noile ( It was a very special time for me and I really missed them all when I made my first trip since then back to Fabric Mart today, though not enough to keep me from buying enough fabric for all of us! The owner Robert remembered our group well and said to say HI--he also mentioned that after they blogged about his linen knit it sold out quickly----BLOGGERS have POWER!

FM started a special sale this week that they have for in-store customers only (might be worth making a trip to Pennsylvania for).  They have a whole front room full of fabrics on round tables (which they call "the rounds"), some of which have been on-line and some of which haven't, either because they didn't have enough to sell it on the web or didn't think it would show nicely when photographed.  Anyway, there is some seriously good stuff there and it's always at pretty good prices BUT from now til June 17 it's 50% off that already low price.   Do you wonder why I stocked up??

I wore the top that I made from their fabrics that I entered in their Julie's Picks Contest:
The rules of the contest were to use some of the fabric from their sample mailers . I did order the basic blue knit fabric from this selection but then sewed together all the little samples and used as strip "piping" in Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8671 top. It was fun to make and all the workers at Fabric Mart came out to see it today since they recognized all the 70+ fabrics in it.

I'll be blogging soon about the new fabrics I bought today and my plans for them. Til then keep on sewing!


  1. Ohhhhh, lucky lucky lucky, Peggy!! I'm glad you got to see Robert again. Thanks for that update!

  2. I knew who the top was from...didn't have to ask! *smile* And I'm extremely jealous that you got to go to Fabric Mart live so close, yet so far! Can't wait to see what came home with you!

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    (anonymous because blogger is having fits again!)