Thursday, May 5, 2011

Knock-Off Contest Part 2

After much thinking I've begun work again on my entry to the Pattern Review "Knock-Off Contest" in which I will attempt to copy this design

. After my last entry, when I was able to reproduce the asymmetric neck and shoulder line, I decided to put that part of the pattern aside and work on the drape on the left side of the dress and began thinking how it could be done.

Using a basic 1 piece dress pattern  (Butterick 5211) I first attempted to make one side "drape" by enlarging the pattern on the side like this (dotted lines)
I made it up in a stripe, thinking that it would really show up the drapy side
This was a disaster! It just looked lumpy and droopy on the left side instead of the graceful drape I had envisioned. But because I am trying to make all my knock-off "muslins" into something wearable I quickly cut it up and came up with this top which I like a lot better.
This is a fun shirt with that funky look I like, but I have gotten off track with my knockoff design!

I've decided I need to make an inset on the left side of the pattern like the inspiration design has. I will cut out an inset like this
       Then, after adding seam allowances and careful markings to each piece I will "slash and spread" the pattern on the light blue lines.  This will hopefully give me the "drape" I want on that left side .     Stay tuned for my next muslin attempt in this "knock-off" contest----I having SO much FUN!!                                                               


  1. Your save of that blue/red striped top is great and really you! It will be interesting to watch you work through this piece. :)

  2. HI, I looked at the dress you want to knock off and I notice that the folds, from where the pattern is slashed and spread, go perpendicular (to the two larger sections) in the small section at the waist, in the same direction for the large middle piece and the larger side piece. Hope this is clear, I made a drawing but can't post it here. The larger sections are opened up at the hem (large, left hand section), at maybe the side seam for the middle section, it looks parallel to the left piece. The small waist area section appears to have been slashed from the seam where it meets the middle section, making the draping fall in the opposite direction.